Get ‘em, McGettigan!

It’s the genre everyone dreads. The one that tests the mettle of every team that receives it. The one that adds an additional layer of difficulty that has driven some teams completely out of the competition.

The musical.

In 2009, Nectar of the Gods pulled it out of the proverbial hat, and hit the proverbial ground running. Literally.

With little to no musical ability beyond killer mix CDs, we called upon some of our more talented friends to give us a hand in developing “Get ‘em McGettigan!”, a cop story unlike any you’ve ever seen before (assuming you’ve never seen Cop Rock, and I feel confident suggesting you haven’t). Winner of the Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Challenge, we screened the film at the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas for an audience that included Oscar nominated director Jason Reitman.

48Hr Film Challenge – Philadelphia, PA


  • Overall Winner
  • Audience Award
  • Best Acting

Required Elements:

  • Prop: Wallet
  • Character: Dan Crocker – Roommate/Artist
  • Line of Dialog: “Do you Even Know What That Means?”
  • Genre: Musical